Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is probably the most exciting time in a womans life as her new baby develops and grows inside her. But it is also one of the most physically challenging times as well as her body changes shape, her weight increases and the joints become loose in preparation for childbirth. Not surprising that many women seek (natural) remedies to cope with the aches and pains that pregnancy brings. And soaking in a relaxing Epsom salt bath is often recommended as a way to reduce backaches, hip pain, sore legs and tired feet that are often associated with the latter stages of pregnancy.

Epsom Salt Baths and Pregnancy

Bathing in an Epson Salt Bath During Pregnancy

Just that act of relaxing in a bath whilst pregnant can often be enough to help deal with the tension and stresses of the day. Adding Epsom salts can enhance the experience and augment the health and wellbeing benefits.

Click here for information about whether bathing in an Epsom salt bath during pregnancy is safe - the main issue to be aware of is that the bath should never be hot. Discuss with your health care professional if you need more information.)

Magnesium may assist the body producing more serotonin and higher levels of serotonin can make us feel less stressed and generally more at ease with the world. And there are very few of us who feel less relaxed after a tranquil soak in an Epsom salt bath. There is some question whether the magnesium sulphate that is the Epsom salt can be absorbed when soaking in a bath as the skin is probably impervious to the magnesium and sulphate ions.

Other benefits of taking a Epsom salt bath during pregnancy are

Epsom Salts may reduce swelling associated with pregnancy

Magnesium is often considered by some to be an anti-inflammatory supplement and there is research evidence that points to the conclusion that magnesium may have a significant impact on inflammation in the body. As the woman’s body grows during pregnancy, the ligaments lengthen, the joints become looser and muscles have to work harder to maintain pelvic stability. Inflammation associated with these physical effects of pregnancy may be reduced by soaking in an Epsom salt bath.

Please note that any unusual swelling that occurs during pregnancy should be raised with your health care professional.

May Relieve Haemorrhoid Symptoms

Pregnancy can be considered to be a risk factor for haemorrhoids and many women are affected, particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. There is some conjecture that magnesium may actually be absorbed in an Epsom salt bath via the semi-permeable membrane of the anus. This has led to speculation that soaking in a salt bath may be beneficial for those women who are affected by haemorrhoids

Improved Mood

Mood swings are quite prevalent during pregnancy. The hormonal fluctuations exacerbate the physical demands on the woman’s body and can result in irritability or depression. Most women do feel generally energised after immersing themselves in a warm bath containing Epsom Salts – whether that is due to the salts or just the fact that the bath is a time for the woman to escape the stress factors of her daily life is arguable but there is little doubt that most woman’s mood improves post bathe.

A number of other advantages of an Epsom Salt soak have been suggested and these include:
- Assisting constipation.
- General improvement in immunity – reduced incidence of colds and flu.
- May reduce skin itchiness.
- Calms the feelings associated with skin being stretched.

Be aware that consumption of Epsom Salt should not occur under any condition and you should be careful to avoid even accidental consumption when in the bath.