Epsom Salts and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women can suffer from backaches, joint aches, and general body pain. These often occur between the second and third pregnancy trimesters as the body changes shape and the ligaments loosen in preparation for childbirth. These body pain can often result in having difficulty in moving around, sleepless nights, fatigue and weariness.

Magnesium and pregnancy

A possible remedy that many women consider is soaking in an Epsom salt bath to relieve muscle aches and pains. But is it safe to have an Epsom salt bath during pregnancy?

The general conclusion that most medical practitioners offer is that yes, a soak in an Epsom salt bath is normally safe so long as the temperature of the bath is not too hot. However, it is always advisable to consult your health care professional on such matters just in case there are any issues which are particularly pertinent to your circumstances.

Benefits of Soaking in an Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt bath may reduce body swelling

It has been suggested that magnesium also serves as an effective anti-inflammatory. In a meta-analysis review, it was revealed that magnesium has a significant impact on reducing the inflammation level in the body.

As your baby grows in your womb, the more your muscles and ligaments will be stressed. Due to this, the body produces more relaxin, which is a hormone that aids the stretching of ligaments. This can have certain adverse effects on the body. Pregnant women can also suffer from complications such as hemorrhoids. But all these can be alleviated and relieved by Epsom salts.

Fatigue reduction and stress relief

Often, pregnancy can result in tension for women. Expectant mothers can simply soak in an Epsom salt bath to ease the stress. Soaking Epsom salt bath helps you to be comfortable and relaxed.

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Epsom salt bath makes your skin feel better

The older the baby grows in your womb, the more it causes a stretch in the skin of pregnant women, which makes the skin tight and itchy. This feeling can either be mild or intense. Soaking in Epsom salt bath may reduce the itchy skin and makes pregnant women feel better.